We have multiple, network outages affecting the majority of COE buildings that include the following

Castle Memorial Annex
Castle Memorial Hall
Lab Sch Portables 123, & 4
Multi-purpose Building
UHS PE Locker Room
UA 123, & 4
Wist Annex 1
Outage #1 – Thursday, July 28
7:00AM – 8:00AM
•Replacing UPS battery in BET (Wist Annex 1, Room 102)
•WIFI outage in all buildings listed above
       •All SSIDs (UHM, JRBOWS, & Eduroam) will be down
•Wist Annex 1, complete network, VoIP, and WIFI outage
Outage #2 – Thursday, July 29 – Saturday, July 30
5:15PM – 3:00PM
•WIFI outage (UHM, JRBOWS, & Eduroam)
•If you are plugged into a wall data jack, this does not affect you
•CRDG-based servers will be down
•UHM data center services will remain up during this time

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